Good Credit Cards For 'Emergency' Purposes

I always have at least two credit cards in my wallet as an emergency back-up, especially when travelling. Even when I briefly experimented with using debit cards and cash only last year, I kept two credit cards on hand just in case.

Aside from travel and the unexpected frozen debit card (as happens when your account is flagged for possible fraudulent activity), there’s a new reason to find a good credit card sooner rather than later: new debit card regulations which could cause the major U.S. banks to cap your debit card purchases at $50 or $100 per transaction. For anything larger, you would have to withdraw cash from an ATM, write a check, or use a credit card.

Here are some of Outlaw‘s favourite cards:

  • Best hotel credit cards — Use one of these good credit cards as your back-up card, and earn free stays at your favourite hotel brands.
  • The two best airline credit cards — Use these and earn free flights, plus tons of bonus miles upon signing up!
  • Two good cash back cards — Perfect for those who prefer simple cash back rewards to hotel points or air miles. Use one of these as your emergency credit card and you’ll earn 1% (or more!) back on your purchases.

View more credit card offers and promotions over on Outlaw.

Disclosures: I used to review credit cards for a living. Also, my web site has a financial relationship with Chase — we participate in their affiliate program. No financial relationship or position on Visa Inc, Bank of America or any other company mentioned in this story at time of publication.

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