Read These Books If You Want To Get Rich

Here are a few good books to read this weekend if you’re looking to polish up your dating game or improve your financial future. OK, these aren’t just good, they’re great — three of the books I talk about most often with my friends and business colleagues.

1. How To Be Rich by J. Paul Getty — The legendary classic from “oil man” J. Paul Getty. He was a billionaire back when it was still impressive. The last few pages of this book always strike me as the most important; above all else, Getty was a human being who understood how to live.

2. Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo — Best book on dating/relationships I’ve read in years, and light years ahead of any author you’ll see excerpted in The Oprah Magazine. Not afraid to admit I read these sorts of books still! It’s actually one of the most popular e-books ever published and isn’t available as a “paper” book. Save money: use the “download now” button on this promotional page and you’ll save about $80 off the normal cover price ($19.97, instead of the regular $100.) I read all of Double Your Dating in one sitting. It’s intriguing stuff.

3. How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis — British billionaire Felix Dennis founded Maxim Magazine, The Week, and a bunch of other legendary publications. He was broke and literally had to burn furniture in a hobo fire to stay warm when he was 25… now he’s, I believe, the #88 wealthiest person in the U.K.

Incredible success story, and loaded with tons of great tips on conquering the wealth-building game, without any of the trite self-help BS that so frequently tags along with books on prosperity and business. I keep a hard copy on my nightstand at all times. It’s like my King James Bible.

— Originally appeared on Credit Card Outlaw in slightly different form.