28-year-old Argentine footballer reportedly turns down mind-blowing contract offer to play in China

Gonzalo Higuain. Photo: Shaun Clark/ Getty Images.

Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, who currently plies his trade with Napoli in Italy’s Serie A, is among the world’s best strikers, but even he must have been surprised at the contract offer he received from the Hebei China Fortune of the Chinese Super League.

Higuain received a monster offer to play for the team, one to the tune of £800,000 (US$1.1 million) per week, according Kaveh Solhekol of Sky Sports News.

There’s been a trend over the past few summers where high-profile footballers have opted to “grab the cash” and have made the move to China from the best leagues in European football. There are arguments for both sides, with some people criticising those who move, because they’re being overpaid to play in an inferior league, while others say that it’s a good way to help grow the game in China.

That said, even though many of the foreign imports are paid exponentially more to play in China than they would get in Europe, the proposed deal for Higuain would have shattered the record for most expensive contract, likely in the world. The contract would amount to $55 million per year, which is far and away more than any major footballer in Europe makes. By comparison, Wayne Rooney makes just shy of $500,000 per week, or $26 million per year, which still pales in comparison to what Hebei China Fortune was offering Higuain.

In the end however, Higuain has turned down this contract offer, seemingly because he wants to remain in Europe where he can compete regularly with the very best players soccer has to offer.

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