GoMoBo Recruiting San Francisco Sales Force. Will More Restaurants Really Help?


Got some spare time?  New York’s GoMoBo will pay you to stroll around San Francisco and pound on restaurant doors.  You get $125 for every restaurant you sign up, and free exercise to boot. 

GoMoBo’s mobile food-ordering service is free for consumers; restaurants presumably pay the company a cut of every order.  It must be a small cut, as GoMoBo’s brag-rag says that some restaurants have seen “up to” a 15% boost in business, and restaurant margins are notoriously thin.   We don’t have hard data on how well GoMoBo’s doing, but the San Francisco expansion presumably isn’t a terrible sign. 

It’s no mystery why Google will pay you to sign restaurants: There’s a chicken-and-egg problem here (to get the restaurants, you need users, to get users, you need restaurants, etc).  But the consumer side may be the higher hurdle: restaurant lines just aren’t that annoying a problem.  GoMoBo can’t get you a table at Nobu, and if your neighbourhood deli is jammed at lunch, you can just read emails or visit another one. 

Another drawback of the GoMoBo service is that it’s very complicated: digesting the “How To Order” FAQ alone will consume much of the time you’re not wasting in lines.  Lastly, if you want to place an order with your mobile phone, you have to have already saved the order on your PC, so the service won’t do you much good unless you’ve anticipated that there will be a line (and then you have to remember the proper “GoCode”), etc.  Mainstream consumers have an extremely low tolerance for technical complexity, and, in its current form, many will likely view GoMoBo’s service as more of a pain in the neck than occasionally waiting in line.  Especially when there’s no guarantee that your favourite restaurant is 1) working with GoMoBo, and 2) will have your order waiting when you arrive.

GoMoBo gets a ton of gushing press, but our initial take is that it’s one of those ideas that is cooler in theory than practice.  In any case, after the jump, Craiglist describes your latest west coast job opportunity.

UPDATED: GoMoBo CEO Noah Glass Responds to Our Concerns


Make Great Money Selling GoMobo: the Mobile Food Ordering Service
  Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2007-08-16,  8:27AM PDT

  GoMobo is a New York based company in search of motivated, experienced sales representatives to sell GoMobo throughout the country. We’ve launched New York, and now we’re ready for Seattle!  

Representatives are paid $125 per signed restaurant, and most representatives are selling between 10 and 15 restaurants per week.  

You will be your own boss, set your own hours, and there is really no limit to how much money you can make with thousands of restaurants in Seattle.  

GoMobo allows customers to place orders in advance from their cell phones or online to skip the line at busy restaurants.   

Check out what Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson are saying about GoMobo:  
Good Morning America: http://gomobo.com/help/img/gma_mobo.wmv  
ABC News: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=2765683  

Interested candidates should email their resumes to [email protected] or call Evan Sanchez at 1-877 466-6260 for more information. Please sign up at http://www.gomobo.com to familiarise yourself with the service.  All training and sales materials will be provided free of cost.