A group of spectators with cell phones helped a young golfer nail his final putt of the night

For a while now, it seems that golf and cell phones don’t mix. Big name players have come out complaining about cell phones as a distraction during tournaments, while the PGA has made strict rules about cell phone usage during their tour events. 

For one collegiate golfer, however, cell phone flashlights helped him finish his round.

UC Davis’ Ben Corfee was at the 18th hole as it began to get dark. Rather than waiting until the following day to finish the round, the senior was able to finish with the help of spectators’ cell phone flashlights. Most major smartphones have flashlights built in. 

You can watch him make the putt here:

One heck of a putt last night ! pic.twitter.com/wNPwig2nx7
— UC Davis Mens Golf (@UCD_MensGolf) September 11, 2016

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