Golf Announcer Compares A Phil Mickelson Shot To 'Clubbing Baby Seals'

In an awkward moment on the final hole of Phil Mickelson’s second round at the PGA Championship, an announcer for compared Mickelson’s chip shot from the rough to the act of butchering baby seals.

Mickelson, who is well known for having a great short-game, hit his chip within two feet of the hole. That’s when one announcer for the online feed suggested that the shot was easy for Phil by saying, “vintage Phil right there, like clubbing baby seals.”

It is unclear who made the remark, although some believe it was Major Dan Rooney, a professional golfer and retired Air Force pilot, who was serving as a guest commentator for a large portion of the second round. Whoever said it, there has to be a better way to describe something that is deemed to be easy other than comparing it to the act of killing baby animals…

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