Goldman's Top London Staff Get Paid 80% More Than They Did Two Years Ago

Bowler hats bankersREUTERS/Paul HackettGoldman’s top 121 employees are raking in an average of $US4.72 million (£3.03 million).

If you want to earn a lot of money with a US bank in the City of London, newly-released figures published by Bloomberg suggest you should be looking for a job at Goldman Sachs.

Filings for 2013 show that Goldman’s highest-paid 121 staff get an average of $US4.72 million (£3.03 million) each.

These code staff (senior decision-makers) got paid an average of £1.8 million just two years earlier, according to the Guardian. That’s a pay rise of 83.5% in two years. Who says there’s no wage growth?

Other major US banks pay their top staff barely half Goldman’s 2013 figure. Bank of America;s top 110 staff earn $US2.54 million on average, and Morgan Stanley’s earn $US2.39 million. JP Morgan’s most senior workers take home $US2.37 million and Citigroup’s earn $US2.13 million.

The banks are now required to release the pay details of these code staff under a EU ruling, which only goes back to 2011. But it’s quite clear that in the past couple of years at least, life has gotten a lot more comfortable for people at the very top of Goldman Sachs’ European operation.

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