Goldman’s Pay Per Employee Is More Than Qatar’s Income Per Capita And Other Interesting Comparisons


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Goldman Sachs ‘compensation expense’ for 2011 was $12.22 billion or $370,000 per employee*.What does Goldman’s pay look like in larger context?

On average, Goldman Sachs employees make: 

1.64 times more than the average surgeon in the US

2.14 times more than the average US CEO

3.37 times more than the income per capita in Qatar, which has the highest per capita income in the world

8.33 times more than a sergeant in the US Army

8.34  times more than the average US worker

23.89 times more than the average Walmart associate

24.56  times more than workers making New York State minimum wage

103.55 times more than Foxconn employees (who assemble Apple’s products)

*This metric is not the most precise gauge of compensation, given how unevenly it is distributed across the firm, but it is a helpful guide to overall pay practices.