Michael Lewis Proposes Goldman Sachs Reality Show


Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker, has an idea for Goldman: host a reality show.

The pitch, written in a memo to Lloyd Blankfein via Bloomberg, has contestants appearing before a live TV audience in a competition to see who wins a spot on the Goldman trading floor.

“On stage they will perform various Wall Street tricks: negotiating with Tim Geithner, lobbying the Senate Banking Committee, designing securities that blow up, selling bonds to Germans, etc,” writes Lewis.

Three “ordinary looking” Goldman execs would determine the winner and send him off to work in Goldman – attached to a “small Web-enabled, head-top photographic device.”

“Thus equipped he would become the eyes and ears of Morts everywhere.”

(“Morts” is short for Mortals, which Lewis imagines is Blankfein’s favourite word for normal people.)

So basically, this show would be awesome. Doubly awesome if it starred Jersey Shore’s “The Situation”‘s brother, who works at Goldman.

As Lewis sees it, “as [the winner] stumbles around the office, attempting to understand that which is beyond his comprehension, he will no doubt create what ordinary Americans refer to as ‘comedy.'”

We think the real fun would be to see Goldman flop something. Their reality show would be amazingly boring.

Continue reading at Bloomberg.

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