Goldman Tells Its Employees To Avoid Inappropriate Parties, Restaurants, And Talking Shop In Public

rich wealthy party hamptons girls blonde polo

Goldman managers are apparently telling their employees to consider their (and the firm’s) reputations before attending some parties and restaurants and going out in public.

The Wall Street Journal‘s write up makes it sound like it’s probably more of a, “if you have to think about it,” don’t go, “use your best judgment,” sort of rule, which are the best kind now that everyone at Goldman is hyper-defensive and sensitive.

Apparently some employees even think the restrictions mean that they shouldn’t go out to lunch because someone might overhear them talking about Goldman.

The scrutinized bankers are also supposed to watch their behaviour in public, which seems like over-reactive paranoia, but we don’t know how Goldman employees act in the office. Maybe Tetsuya Ishikawa isn’t the only one getting some in the supply closet?

Remember these rules follow a voicemail from Lloyd Blankfein that basically said, everyone is obsessed with us – don’t let it distract you.

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