Everyone On The Goldman Trading Floor Is Gossiping About Securities Chief David Heller Buying The Mets

david heller mets
David Heller

The Goldman Sachs trading floor was buzzing all day Wednesday with the gossip: David Heller is going to buy the Mets.A source told us there was some serious in-house excitement over the possible acquisition at 200 West Street yesterday.

David Heller, a Goldman Sachs veteran and co-head of the bank’s lucrative and much-vaunted Securities Division, has been mentioned as a serious contender in the buyers race for the famed baseball franchise.

And obviously employees at Goldman HQ are excited about the prospect.

Whether they know more than we do, or are merely repeating what they’d read online or in the paper on Wednesday morning, remains to be seen. Either way, everyone on the trading floor was talking about it, we’re told by a source.

According to the New York Post, Heller is leading a group comprised of other current and former Goldman partners, who have “met at least twice with Steve Greenberg, the managing director of Allen & Co., who has been hired by the Mets to find a buyer.”

So who is the man who could be close to purchasing one of the most famous baseball brands in America?

Heller is based in New York and has been with the bank since 1989, when he joined as an equity derivatives trader. He climbed the ladder fast, and his tour of duty in the Japanese office for five years in the 90s culminated in his being made co-head of Goldman’s Japanese equity business. He was then transferred to London in 1999, where he took on the role of global head of equity derivatives trading, and came back to New York in 2002.

“Heller is possibly the one person other than Gary [Cohn] who could someday succeed Blankfein,” a Wall Street headhunter told ABC in 2009, in a story about Goldman guys who might clear $10 million in compensation that year.

Apart from running the securities unit, Heller also sits on the Securities Division Operating Committee, Firmwide Risk Committee, Business Practices Committee, Finance Committee and Compensation Committee.

He’s not just a major Democratic donor, but one of the party’s top Wall Street fundraisers, and he and his wife were mentioned in a research paper titled “The Goldman Sachs List: A New ‘New Class’ Elite” about “a new class of very wealthy donors… changing the face of left-wing philanthropy, public policy and politics.”

Heller has a B.A. from Harvard.

The world was probably going to meet Heller in the not-too-distant future anyway, when discussion turns to potentials successors to Blankfein. But now, the world, and in particular New York, might get to know him a little sooner.