Why Today's Goldman Sachs Shareholder Meeting Will Be A Total Cakewalk

lloyd blankfein

1. Their CIO department didn’t lose $2 billion (and counting) on a trading blunder like JP Morgan.

2. They weren’t the lead underwriter in Facebook’s IPO flop <cough> Morgan Stanley <cough>.

But, this is not to say Goldman Sachs executives won’t be faced with questions regarding the above two matters when they face shareholders this morning.

Surely, investors will want to know if Goldman made the same types of trades the caused JP Morgan to report its multi-billion loss.

Regarding Facebook, some investors may wonder why Goldman didn’t take the lead.

Also, these shareholder meetings are often filled with a lot of individuals, some who probably bought Facebook before the share price fell.  Recent reports suggest large institutions may have had some additional unfavorable information about Facebook.  Information that wasn’t shared with individual investors.

We shall see.

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