Goldman Sachs climbs to a record high

Shares of Goldman Sachs ticked to an all-time high on Wednesday, gaining 0.5% to $US250.67 per share. The session not only marked Goldman’s second straight close in record territory but saw shares eclipse the October 2007 all-time high of $US250.70 per share. Intraday Goldman shares hit a high of $US251.95.

Goldman, and other US banks, have been the beneficiary of President Donald Trump’s plans to roll back Wall Street regulation. During his first month in office, Trump signed an executive order to revise and update the Dodd-Frank regulation that oversees the country’s financial institutions.

Goldman’s stock has rallied almost 38% since Election Day and has been a big reason as to why the Dow Jones Industrial average recently crossed the 20,000 mark for its first time ever.

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