Here are the 4 things Goldman Sachs knows about millennial parents

Millennial parentsCommonsMillennial parents also smile.

Goldman Sachs is out with a big post about millennials, specifically millennial parents, and the firm has outlined 4 things we know about these folks, 3 things we think we know about them, and 2 things we still have no clue about. 

Here’s Goldman’s 4 things we know about millennial parents:

  • They have a unique set of values. 
  • They have proven disruptive in many industries. 
  • They are more technologically enabled than prior generations were at a similar stage in life. 
  • Their popular is growing in size. 

And 3 things Goldman thinks we know:

  • Key principles of their value system (the firm has a big slide in its presentation explaining this, and it includes things like “instant gratification,” “shareable moments and resources,” and “tech-enabled innovation.”)
  • They are increasingly open to variety and small (lesser known) brands.
  • They consume and share content differently from other generations. 

And the 2 things Goldman says we have no idea about with respect to millennial parents:

  • How their parenting styles — and by extension their decision on education and healthcare — will compare to Gen-X and Boomer parents.
  • How their value system will evolve as they get older and as the economy improves. 

As for who Goldman thinks is and isn’t a millennial, the first has a handy graphic here:

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