There Goes The neighbourhood: Goldman Sachs Accused Of Gentrifying Block Around Its HQ

We’re not sure how much stock to put in this, but it’s an amusing sidenote to all the Goldman hate out there.

According to UK’s The Telegraph, Goldman Sachs has angered neighbours around its new HQ at 200 West Street in Manhattan.

No, people aren’t worried that they’re more likely to get mugged, ever since the Goldmanites came in.

The bank appears to be falling foul of its neighbours’ demands for basic services such as a supermarket and a hardware store. Out will go a DSW shoe shop, a recently closed New York Sports Club gym, and a pizza takeaway from buildings attached to 200 West Street, of which Goldman is the landlord.

In will come a trio of restaurants run by Danny Meyer – the New York City restaurant wunderkind – as well as a new ballroom and conference centre, attached to the hotel which will be upgraded. In addition, the bank plans 5,000 square feet of retail units.

So the problem, basically, is gentrification.

Goldman’s defence? The DFW, gym and pizza shops went out ot business voluntarily, just due to the swings of the market. Also, they say not all of the new retail units will be upscale.

(via Dealbook)

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