Goldman Sachs Kills The Express Elevator To The Equity Trading Floor At One New York Plaza

Goldman's Old Other Building

The express elevators that once whisked Goldman Sachs traders up the the fiftieth floor at One New York Plaza have been eliminated. With so many traders having moved to the new global headquarters at 200 West Street, the express elevators were just not needed anymore.

For years there were two express elevators in the bank of elevators covering floors 41-50. One ran express to the fiftieth floor at all times. Another ran express until 9 am each morning. The fiftieth floor at One New York Plaza, Manhattan southernmost skyscraper, was home to the equity trading floor at Goldman.

Goldman Sachs has been moving its operations out of its old headquarters at 85 Broad Street and the floors it occupies at 1 New York Plaza to a new building located cater-corner from the new 1 World Trade centre tower.

For certain Goldman employees still operating out of the old building at One New York Plaza, which was built in 1969, there’s a kind of haunting saddness to the space.

“Everything is slowly coming down,” one Goldmanite told us. “Being taken away.”

The Goldman cafeteria at One New York Plaza has been closed. This has created a temporary boom for local merchants, as Goldman employees must more frequently emerge from the building to buy food. But it is a temporary boom: within the next few months, Goldman will have moved the last of its employees out of One New York Plaza.

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