Here's A Good Clue For Who Will Be Goldman's Next CFO

Photo: Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs’ Treasurer Elizabeth “Liz” Beshel Robinson took the centre stage yesterday during a conference call with fixed-income investors and analysts answering questions about the firm’s health, the New York Post’s Mark Decambre reports.Decambre points out why that might be significant.

The bank’s chief financial officer  David Viniar is usually the one who answers questions about the firm’s financial status during conference calls.  He’s been doing that ever since Goldman went public in 1999.  

However, the Post says that it’s an open secret that Goldman has been preparing for the 57 year old Viniar‘s exit from the firm, after serving for well over 30 years.

Still, there’s no sign that he’s leaving anytime soon, but many see Robinson as a potential candidate for the CFO role.  

Robinson joined Goldman as an analyst in 1990 after college, according to Bloomberg News.  She was made a partner in 2006 and is considered “Viniar’s closest deputy,” the report said.  

She has been serving as the Treasurer since 2005.  That’s the same position that Viniar held before he became the bank’s CFO.  

What’s more is Viniar has trained Robinson how to handle Goldman’s unique liquidity and financing solutions. 

Tuesday’s fixed-income conference call was seen as a chance for Goldman to shed more light on their 43 year old rising star. 

Here are a few more things we learned about Robinson. 

  • She’s the youngest-ever global treasurer for Goldman. 
  • She’s married to a Goldman managing director, Samuel Robinson. 
  • In 2011, American Banker recognised her as the No. 9 most powerful woman in finance. 
  • She graduated from Williams College.  She earned her MBA from Columbia.  

There are a few other candidates for Viniar’s position, including Sarah E. Smith, Goldman’s chief accounting officer and controller. 

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