This Chart From Goldman Sachs Shows Why The BlackBerry PlayBook Is Doomed

After reading negative reviews of the BlackBerry PlayBook, we argued the only way Research In Motion could make its tablet a success would be to sell it like crazy to big corporations.

Consumers are unlikely to want a tablet that doesn’t have the most basic applications, and is still pretty buggy compared to the iPad, so that market is pretty much lost for RIM.

Enterprises, which already have relationships with RIM, could still be won over.

There’s one problem with that plan. Big corporations aren’t interested in the PlayBook according to a Goldman Sachs report on the tablet market. It surveyed CIOs earlier this year, and RIM’s tablet drew the least interest.

Why is RIM in last place? Goldman says, “We believe this is largely due to CIOs following the individual consumer preferences of their employees, similar to the dynamic that has unfolded in the smartphone market.”

People are playing with iPads at home, coming into work and saying, “I want one of these.” Since RIM will lose the consumer market, it will also end up losing the enterprise market.

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blackberry playbook chart

[credit provider=”Goldman Sachs”]