This Is One Of The Most Unusual Photos Of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein That You Will Ever See

Billionaire entrepreneur Sean Parker threw a party for the ages in Davos last night.

I’ve described the details and some of the guests here (link repeated below).

As I mentioned, one of the guests was Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Lloyd was in fine form. Like many other notables at the party, he was also in a different environment than the one in which most folks are used to seeing him. (For one thing, he was surrounded by animal heads with laser beams for eyes). And he was–and, presumably still is–rocking a new beard.

So this picture (apologies for the quality) might be fairly entitled Lloyd Blankfein As You’ve Never Seen Him Before:

Sean Parker Davos Party lloyd blankfein

Photo: Business Insider

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