GOLDMAN: Answer These 14 Questions To See What Kind Of Wall Streeter You Should Become

goldman quiz

Photo: via Goldman Sachs

Want to know where you’re supposed to work at Goldman Sachs?There’s an app for that.  And a quiz, too.

The investment banking giant has just released its recruiting iPhone app and new careers quiz to help candidates determine where they might want to work at the firm.

The “Explore Goldman Sachs: Careers Quiz” gives a bunch of scenario-based questions for you to answer.  Based on your responses, it lists three areas of the bank that might be the best fit for you.  

We took the quiz (it takes just a few minutes) and our top matches were global investment research, operations and human capital management. 

We also downloaded Goldman’s new recruiting iPhone app.  It helps students view campus events schedule, measure their progress in the recruiting process, view the careers blog and company Twitter feed and sign up for careers emails. 

Imagine you're working an at architecture firm building a large ferris wheel. Choose which tasks you would prefer to execute.

If your friend launched a start-up, which position would suit you?

Pick which role you would take while working on your boss's charity initiative.

Then, you have to imagine yourself working in public relations for a hotel reopening.

Goldman also asks you what you would do in an animal rehab facility.

They also want to see what you would do when launching a business venture.

You have to take on a consultant role to help bring a company back to profitability.

How would you react if someone wrote an unfavorable review for your restaurant?

If you were running a comedy club, Goldman wants to know how you would reach a bigger audience.

If you and a friend were going on a challenging mountain climb, how would you prepare?

You're working a job at a bar and someone offers you a position at an art gallery. What do you do?

If you worked for a professional football league, would you work with each team's specific needs or with the league as a whole?

If you were a member of a band going on the road without a manager, what would you do?

Goldman also presents a scenario about a growing company that needs larger office space, but that would make the commute longer. What do you do?

Then you're given your results. My matches were global investment research, operations and human capital management.

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