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For the first quarter of 2012, Goldman Sachs came in at earnings of $3.92 per share and $9.9 billion in revenue, beating estimates of $3.55 EPS and $9.45 billion. Return on equity came in at 12.2%.

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The bank also announced that they would be increasing the quarterly dividend to $0.46 per share from $0.35.

Profit came in at $2.11 billion, which was a 23% decrease compared to the same period last year.

Despite beating estimates, the year-over-year drops in Goldman’s earnings numbers seem to be affecting investors—the stock is down over 2% in pre-market trading.

Compared to the same period last year, Goldman’s total revenue of $9.9 billion saw a 16% decrease, but saw a 64% increase quarter-over-quarter. As expected, Goldman Sachs’ investment banking revenue saw a large increase from last quarter—around 35% to $1.15 billion, but decreased 9% compared to last year.

Revenues from Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities Client Execution—which many analysts cited as an important factor in the earnings—was $3.45 billion, a 154% increase from last quarter but a 20% decrease from last year.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of investment banking and client services revenue:

Goldman Sachs Q1 2012

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