PHOTOS: 700 Goldman Sachs bankers in the US duked it out in a wiffle ball tournament for charity

A player from Wiffle Blowers from Internal AuditGoldman SachsThings got competitive.

On Tuesday, over 700 Goldman Sachs employees left their desks to enjoy the sunshine, play some ball, and raise $US150,000 for the New York City-based non-profit and charter school Dream.

Dream hosts kids at after-school and summer programs that focus on physical wellness. Kids connected to Dream served as referees during the Goldman Sachs games, which took place at the Battery Park City Ballfields in Manhattan.

Ahead, take a look at the competitive day.

The games took place at the ballfields in Battery Park City, near Goldman Sachs' headquarters.

Goldman Sachs
Team Big Wiffleballer Brand (Merchant Banking Division)

Brian Levine, managing director in the securities division at Goldman Sachs, organised both this year's and last year's events.

Goldman Sachs

'This is a great event all around, both for the kids from Dream, and for the people at (Goldman Sachs) to get exposure to Dream while having a blast,' Levine said. 'To have 700 employees take time out of their work days and raise $150,000 for this organisation is something we're very proud of.'

Goldman Sachs

Each team played three 10-minute games back-to-back.

Goldman Sachs
Runner Up team Hittin' Bids

Employees got creative with their team names. Some of the best include: Chicken and Wiffles, The Mighty Morphin' Wiffle Rangers, and the Dream Catchers.

Goldman Sachs
Team Belles & Wiffles from the Executive Office

'The Dream school is four blocks from where I grew up in Spanish Harlem, and having an organisation like Dream there is so important for the neighbourhood. It's great to see so many people from Goldman come together collectively and support this organisation while having a ton of fun,' said Deyan Hadjiyski of the Goldman Whacks team.

Goldman Sachs
The Championship Game: Goldman Whacks (Goldman Sachs Asset Management) vs. Hittin' Bids (Securities Division)

Dream's executive director, Richard Berlin, said, 'We're all about the power of teams. It's good to see some competitive fun out there, and Goldman has been supporting the organisation for over a decade now.'

Goldman Sachs
A player from Wiffle Blowers (Internal Audit)

Trophies were provided for the winners, runners-up, and most spirited teams.

Goldman Sachs

'We were in the finals last year and so the championship win this year is huge. It was a big comeback for us,' said Michael DiBella, who was on the winning Goldman Whacks team. 'All of us work very closely together at the firm and this is a testament to how we work as a team on and off the field, so we're ecstatic to have this win.'

Goldman Sachs
The Winners: Goldman Whacks, from Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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