8 Goldman Sachs employees who jumped ship to lead fintech startups

Goldman sachs american flagREUTERS/Lucas JacksonThe Goldman Sachs logo is displayed on a post above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, September 11, 2013.

Falling technology costs and layoffs during the financial crisis created a boom in financial startups after 2008, but increasingly workers are willingly leaving top firms to join the world of financial technology, or fintech.

Goldman Sachs is often seen as top of the tree when it comes to finance, but even their employees are jumping ship to join startups that are upending the way finance works.

Scroll down to see top Goldman Sachs alumni who are now leading lights in the world of fintech.

Patrick de Nonneville is COO at Lendix, an online marketplace for business loans.

At Goldman: Co-head of European interest rate products and partner

Left: January 2015

Now: COO Lendix, investor in foreign exchange platform Kantox

What it does: Lendix is a bit like a French Funding Circle, offering a marketplace for business loans. Investors can lend directly to small and medium businesses. Kantox's foreign exchange platform matches up businesses that transfer money into different currencies with other companies making similar trades in the reverse direction. Fees are reduced by letting them trade directly with each other and cutting out traditional middlemen.

Ilya Kondrashov is the cofounder of MarketInvoice, a peer-to-peer business loan platform that uses unpaid invoices as collateral.

At Goldman: Analyst

Left: June 2011

Now: Cofounder, MarketInvoice

What it does: London-based MarketInvoice's peer-to-peer lending platform lets investors lend cash directly to small businesses, using unpaid invoices as collateral. £400 million ($US612 million) has been lent since launch in 2011 and lending volumes are growing by an average of 30% each month.

Julio Quinteros is a senior vice president at Opus Global, a fintech fund focusing on the risk and compliance space.

At Goldman: Analyst, vice-president

Left: November 2013

Now: Senior vice president, Opus Global

What it does: Opus Global is a $US500 million (£323 million) fintech fund targeting software companies dealing with financial risk and compliance. It made its first acquisition last year -- Hipperos, a third party software management platform that helps big companies minimise the risk of using outside software.

Hank Uberoi is CEO at Earthport, a cloud-based cross border payment platform.

At Goldman: Partner, co-COO Technology

Left: 2002

Now: CEO, Earthport

What it does: London-based Earthport is a cloud-based, cross-border payment processing platform aiming to compete with the current, legacy system SWIFT -- the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Bank of America, the World Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Banco do Brasil, and Western Union have all worked with the startup, which has $US11 million (£7.13 million) in sales last year.

Zia Yusuf is the cofounder and CEO at Velocity, an app that lets you pay restaurant bills from your mobile.

At Goldman: Executive director

Left: March 2015

Now: Cofounder and Co-CEO, Velocity

What it does: Velocity is an app that links with restaurant till systems to let diners pay for their meals within the app, without having to request the bill. The London-headquartered startup signed up over 300 restaurants in the UK including Hix, Burger & Lobster, Sketch, and the Cukoo Club. Velocity recently raised $US12 million (£7.81 million).

Stefano Vaccino is head of product at Algomi, a cross between Amazon and Salesforce for the bond market.

At Goldman: Executive director

Left: June 2013

Now: Head of product, Algomi

What it does: Algomi is a cross between Amazon and Salesforce for the bond market. For buyers and sellers, it shows them which banks have been dealing with bonds they're interested in, which gives them an idea of where to take their business. For banks, it shows them what other bonds the client might be interested in and loops in other team members with relevant expertise.

Jeremy Millar is a mentor at Barclays Accelerator, an incubator for fintech startups.

At Goldman: Investment banker

Left: December 2010

Now: Mentor, Barclays Accelerator

What it does: Barclays Accelerator is an intensive 13-week programme to help get fintech businesses off the ground, run in partnership between Barclays bank and technology incubator TechStars. Millar is a mentor in the programme, helping guide startups through the world of traditional finance. As well as fintech, Millar also has an interest in adtech.

Rishi Nangalia is the CEO at REDI Global Technologies, a platform that routes equity, option, and future orders to 1,500 brokerages.

At Goldman: Head of product

Left: 2013

Now: CEO, REDI Global Technologies

What it does: REDI's platform lets investors route equity, future, and options orders through 1,500 execution brokerages. The New York-based company was spun out of Goldman Sachs in 2012 and now has over 5,000 customers.

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