UPDATE: Goldman Predicted The Exact Number Of Medals That Great Britain Would Win

allister brownlee wins gold medal in triathlon

Photo: NBCSN

The Olympics is now over, so there will be plenty of time to examine the medals table later, but wow, hats off to Goldman on predicting Great Britain’s medal count.As we noted in this post, Goldman predicted that Great Britain would get 30 golds and 65 total medals.

That prediction was well up from the 19 golds and 47 total medals that Great Britain did in Beijing. Goldman made its prediction using past outperformance of home teams.

Anyway, there’s one more competition, but as of right now, Great Britain has 29 golds and 64 total medals — just one short of Goldman on both counts.

Amazing, with the final competition in the books, Great Britain ended up with 65 medals and 29 golds. That’s the exact number of medals that Goldman predicted, and one gold short.

Bravo to both Great Britain and Goldman Sachs!

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