Goldman PR: Actually, You Can't See "Basically Every Position" At Goldman On Our Technology

Some businessmen running in front of others.

We don’t know why someone would make this up about Goldman.But apparently, former quant Antonio Garcia Martinez was mistaken when, in an article reminiscing about the time he spent at Goldman, he wrote:

Unbeknownst to most of the non-strategists, you could see basically every position and holding across the company, whether you were supposed to or not.

Because FYI, one of Goldman’s PR reps, Michael Duvally, just called us to tell us that it’s not true.

Also worth noting is the fact that the original author has recently removed that sentence from his article (the rest of his “lifting the veil on Goldman” paragraph is still in footnote #2).

When we asked him why he deleted that sentence, he had a pretty hilarious reply.

Business Insider: On the sentence- you took it out, so they must have called you too,
no? What caused the decision to delete that?

Antonio Garcia-Martinez: Prudence is the better part of valor.

We’re going to leave the sentence up in our original post with a link to Goldman’s reply.

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