Goldman Paid Lloyd Blankfein $14.1 Million For 2010 And Another $185,000 To Drive Him Around

lloyd blankfein

The numbers are in.

Goldman Sachs gave Lloyd Blankfein $14.12 million for 2010.

COO Gary Cohn banked $13.86 million.

CFO David Viniar pocketed $13.96 million.

For all three executives, $5.4 million of that treasure was a cash bonus.

Vice-Chairmen Michael Evans and John Weinberg also got $5.4 million bonuses. Evans’ total compensation was just under $14 million; Weinberg’s too, though a little less than Evans’.

And there were a couple of other interesting numbers to come out of the bank’s latest SEC filing:

The firm paid $185,110 for Blankfein’s car and driver.

One of Lloyd’s sons was paid about $170,000.

And Rajat Gupta, the former board member who allegedly leaked material, non-public information to Raj Rajaratnam, was handed $650,211.