Goldman Lost Money On Only One Day Of Trading Last Quarter

dan wheldon kissing the bricks after winning the indy 500


More interesting stuff from Goldman’s 10Q. It was released this morning.You may remember that last year, Goldman traders took a loss 17 times in Q4 2011. On two of those days, they lost over $100 million.

Obviously, this is not good. And it’s really not good for a bank that derives a huge chunk of its income from trading (57%, so far this year, to be exact).

This year has been much kinder, In Q1 2012 traders only lost money once, says their quarterly report. The loss was about $25 million, which on Wall Street is just sort of… meh.

Also worth noting — traders made more than $100,000 trading on 24 out of the 62 days in the quarter.

Go ahead and buy yourselves something nice.


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