Goldman Just Bought The Zynga IPO, Too

Goldman’s already got the guy on the left. How about the guy on the right?

Word has it Russian holding firm DST actually brought Goldman into the Facebook deal, and that it’s all part of planning for an IPO.This makes sense, because DST is particularly tight with Goldman.

Did you know that DST is also invested in Groupon and Zynga, two other huge startups looking to IPO soon?

While Groupon is backed by Morgan Stanley, and therefore already has a bank to go public with, Zynga is more available.

Famous Kleiner Perkins VC John Doerr recently said that “Zynga is the largest, most rapidly growing, most profitable company, with the most happy customers that Kleiner’s ever invested in over its life.”

That’s quite an impressive statement from a guy whose firm invested in huge Valley companies like Google, Sun Microsystems, and Amazon.

Think Goldman will be interested?

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