Goldman Employees Don't Think They're The Next Lehman

Despite what Nouriel Roubini says, Goldman employees remain cautiously optimistic that their bank will remain independent, taking their cues from CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

We spoke with a source at Goldman, who said, “We have confidence in the choices we’ve made,” and barring a catastrophic event like a credit rating cut or a huge drop in stock prices, the source believes Goldman will weather the storm just fine. “We’re profitable.”

After reporting a surprisingly decent quarter this morning, Blankfein disputed the idea of needing to sell Goldman, pointing towards its track record. Our source reiterated those points, as well as mentioning the fact that Goldman alums fill high ranking government positions.

While the person we spoke with is confident in Goldman, they admit it’d be ridiculous not to be at least a little bit nervous in the current environment.

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