Goldman Sachs Crushes Earnings, As Trading Revenue Surges

Lloyd Blankfien

Photo: AP

Earnings are out…Whoa. The headline numbers seem very strong, but we’ll see if this holds up.

On its face, it looks like Goldman crushed earnings.

Revenue of $11.89 billion was well ahead of expectations.

EPS of $1.55 was over double EPS.

The stocks is up over 2% in the pre-market, though we’ll see how this holds up.

One number that really stands out. FICC (trading revenue) hit $4.3 billion, up from $1.6 billion in the previous quarter.

The release is here.

Background: Analysts are looking for revenue of $10.18 billion, and an EPS of $0.82.

And beyond that, the big focus will be on TRADING TRADING TRADING.

There’s been a pretty bad string of financial earnings — and the stocks have performed badly.

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