Goldman Destroys The Myth About All The Jobs In This Recovery Being Bad Jobs

Many people have argued that the recovery has been filled with crappy jobs, but a new report from Goldman finds this is not the case

This chart shows that the growth of middle-wage jobs in this recovery has generally been consistent with past decades.

Net employment is up slightly for industries in the bottom 20% and top 5% of the wage percentile, but is only down slightly in the middle 75%. This is in line with the pre-recession trend when growth in the top and bottom wage percentiles slightly outpaced growth in middle-income employment. The recovery has done little to exacerbate this trend.

Goldman also looked at individual industries to see how their employment growth after the recession compares to the pre-recession trend (industries are ranked by wage level, lowest at the left):

This data demonstrates that employment growth has been stronger since the start of the recession for low- and high-wage industries. However, Goldman attributes much of the decline in middle-income employment to be because of the steep decline in the recession itself and not necessarily due to employment growth during the recovery.

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