Goldman Banker Buys Wife From Husband


We already knew that the Goldmanites are the kings of the world, the masters of the multiverse.

But one Goldman banker may have gone too far when he allegedly tried to buy an escort away from her husband for £500,000.

London’s Daily Mail is reporting that Goldman managing Director Yann Samuelides offered Alzbeta Holmokova, a 28-year old escort who also happened to be married, to leave her 67-year old husband.

From the Daily Mail:

“He bribed her to leave me,’ [her former husband] said. ‘My wife had told him that she loved and respected her husband. She said she was happy and had to refuse him.”

And refuse the Goldman buyout she did…at first. But then there was that £5,000 diamond ring, £1,500 handbag, and £3,500 cash, in addition to the promised £500,000.

With the sweeter deal on the table, Mrs Holmokova finally filed for divorce.  Her husband is now contesting the petition. 

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