Goldfaced Paint Huffer Sues Companies For Using His Awful Mug Shot

So you got arrested. Your police mug shot is awful. But can others make money off the embarrassing photo?

In 2005, West Virginia man Patrick Tribett was booked for paint huffing. The mug shot (below) shows the 45-year-old’s face partially covered with gold spray paint.

The shot became a Web hit, and companies plastered a likeness on T-shirts and mugs for sale online.

Now, Tribett is suing.

Smoking Gun: While uncomfortable with this exposure, Tribett is focusing on firms that have placed his photo on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other items offered for sale.

His attorney, H. John Rogers, is reportedly preparing federal lawsuits against several companies that have sold merchandise featuring Tribett’s photo, including, Cafe Press, and Hot Toys, a Chinese manufacturer.

Here’s the original photo, via The Smoking Gun:

gold huff mug shot tribett

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