An NBC anchor flubbed Pharrell Williams' movie title and his reaction is priceless

The INSIDER Summary

• Pharrell Williams hit the Golden Globes red carpet to discuss “Hidden Figures.”
• He’s nominated for composing the film’s score.
• An NBC red carpet reporter mixed up the film’s name and called it “Hidden Fences.”

• Williams’ reaction is priceless.

That was awkward.

Prior to the Golden Globes, Pharrell Williams was chatting with NBC red carpet reporter Jenna Bush Hager about “Hidden Figures.” Williams is nominated for composing the score for the film.

“So, you’re nominated for ‘Hidden Fences’” Hager said.

Of course, that is not the name of the film. Instead, she seems to have mixed it up with the Denzel Washington-directed “Fences,” which is also up for several awards tonight.

Pharrell was rightfully confused, and gave a perfect confused reaction:

Here’s a still of that moment:

Naturally, the internet had a field day with it:

Moral of the story: Do your homework.

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