Someone Shut Down Traffic On The Golden Gate Bridge To Pull Doughnuts In A Camaro

A person in a Chevy Camaro turned the Golden Gate Bridge into his or her personal sideshow last Sunday when they began pulling doughnuts in the middle of traffic, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A group of cars behind the Camaro slowed traffic to allow the driver up ahead to begin spinning his black car in circles. Afterwards, the group of miscreants split and have largely avoided authorities.

“You can see that the vehicle is spinning within inches of a guardrail where there are tourists,” CHP Officer Andrew Barclay told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It put a lot of people at risk unnecessarily.”

The stunt is believed to the first-ever sideshow ever pulled on the Golden Gate Bridge, but police officers are apparently very upset and determined to find the persons involved, the Chronicle reported.

Sideshows are an exposition of cars and rebellion and often involve pulling doughnuts or “turning tight ones” as enthusiasts would say.

This one certainly qualifies:

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