REPORT: A Huge Golden Dawn Mob Led An Assault On Immigrants In Athens Last Night

Golden Dawn, the ascendant neo-Nazi Greek political party, is directing violence toward immigrants in Greece as the economic situation deteriorates and the political situation becomes fragile.

Athens newspaper Kathimerini reports that last night, “some 150 people, including an unknown number of Golden Dawn deputies, attacked migrants and damaged migrants’ shops in the area, according to reports.”

According to Kathimerini, the attack was provoked when an “unidentified immigrant” stabbed and robbed a hairdresser in his salon.

This YouTube video appears to be taken in the salon after the stabbing occurred, but before the Golden Dawn attack squad arrived (in Greek):

The description provided by the uploader of the video on YouTube is pretty harrowing (via Google Translate):

Hairdresser foreigners massacred inside the shop and broke his shop in St Panteleimonas. Panic prevails this time to St. Panteleimon Michael Voda Street. Aliens slain hairdresser’s shop broke and I went. Hairdresser’s name was not Argyris more details We still have on the victim. Notified immediately called the police and ambulance. The victim was transferred to Hippocrates, was operated and hospitalized in intensive care. rushing Here are members of the Golden Dawn and about 500 residents. Ananesa the MP of the Golden Dawn and Panagiotara Barmparousis According to the residents say that the salon was the last Greek the region and talk about competition and that foreigners do progkrom Greeks, ie trying to rid the area that is Greek.

One Golden Dawn MP has already said that his party is at “war” with the immigrants.

And it’s a scary situation for the immigrant community because the police are reportedly in on the violence.

Furthermore, another major Greek institution, the Greek Orthodox Church, seems to offer up tacit consent.

Last night’s attack is not the first time Golden Dawn deputies have been involved in attacks like this, either. Ilias Panagiotaros, a Golden Dawn MP who the BBC’s Paul Mason describes as “the de facto commander of the Golden Dawn attack squads,” has taken part in previous episodes of violence.

Meanwhile, Golden Dawn’s spokesman, another elected legislator named Ilias Kasidiaris, is reading literal Nazi propaganda in parliamentary addresses.

Yet, despite this behaviour, there seems to be little reprisal against Golden Dawn in terms of political support. On the contrary, they are making gains.

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