REPORT: Golden Dawn Members Ambush And Assault A Greek Journalist

Golden Dawn

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According to a report by The Insider, a Greek journalist is the latest victim of attacks by members of the Greek Golden Dawn political party.The journalist was reporter Michael Tezaris (here is one of his recent broadcasts).

The Insider, via Google Translate, says Tezaris “was in the area of Agios Panteleimon the needs reportage when ambushed by a group, which, as reported by him, employees of the TV station and the IFJ, belong to the Golden Dawn,” while police stood by and watched the beating take place.

The report says released a statement with details about the incident:

In the turbulent reality of the last days in the country and especially in the area of Saint Panteleimon, with indiscriminate attacks against immigrants and Greeks, along with the known launch verbal attacks very often members of the “Golden Dawn” against journalists, this time came to add the attack by hitting his head against SKY reporter, Michael Tezari and while he was in the area to cover the subject.

My colleague, once surrounded by a group of fascists angry because he dared (!) Try to grab a photo with his mobile phone, finally propilakistike, punched, resulting in injury. The members of the fascist group, went so far as to steal even the press card!

In despicable attack, played a significant role and ‘loose’ in the presence of police, who during the attacks on the residents of the area, did not bring members of the “Golden Dawn” destroyed shops and properties citizens. Just do not attempt to quit and use of force against the fascist journalist, which was before their eyes. (Editor’s note: we think the word “fascist” got put in the wrong place there.) Not only did their captors, but even tried to magnify the importance of their presence, saying to Michael Tezari that thanks to them averted the worst for him (…)

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