The Advantages Of Being Able To Live In Your Hedge Fund's Office

Golden Archer Tour 1

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Yesterday, we took the subway down to  Pine Street in the Financial District to visit a small options-arbitrage hedge fund called Golden Archer Investments. The firm has been around three years and just moved into some sweet new digs.Inside the old JP Morgan building at 20 Pine, we found a world that vastly differs from Wall Street’s generally dull architecture.

The building now features designs from Armani and sports a private subway entrance, on-site dry cleaning, and plenty of other amenities that make it a great place to do business.

The actual office is still waiting on some furniture and other stuff, but for the most part, it’s by far one of the sweetest offices/living spaces we’ve been in, and offers a good argument against working for a large established fund.

Inside the ultra-modern lobby, we head up the elevator to the office

Welcome to the trading floor! Golden Archer employs a small staff of four at the moment

Here stands the Golden Archer from which the firm got its name

Here's a trading desk where operations also take place

Conference table, complete with frosty beverage for speaking with clients

The main rig - this baby can spit out 87MB Excel files at the flick of a wrist

We're pretty sure the bathroom isn't always this clean.

The lounge/meeting/gathering/sleeping area - let's head to the roof

On the roof, there's a small pool for relaxing and entertaining

Sometimes Golden Archer will have meetings up here - weather permitting of course

A view over the ledge - that's the Chase building below and to the left

Down to the basement, where an old vault from the JPM days lies

A reverse waterfall/lounge area with steam room; if you want to seal a deal, take clients here to relax

A large pool can definitely relieve mid-day work stress

Another ornate JP Morgan vault leads to the game room...

We played billiards for a bit and got our arse kicked; don't mess with the guys at Golden Archer

A library/reading area with free Wi Fi lets you catch up on markets in peace

And of course, the obligatory golf simulator awaits in case it rains and your customer wants to golf

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