Gold Digger Who Accused Seinfeld's Wife Of "Vegetable Plagiarism" Still Trying To Get Paid

Missy Chase Lapine, the woman who claims Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica, stole her idea of concealing veggies in comfort foods, is expanding her lawsuit to include Jessica’s book publisher Harper Collins, in a desperate attempt to sell more books.

New York Times: [Missy Chase] Lapine vowed on Friday to press ahead with her lawsuit against Ms. Seinfeld and her husband, Jerry Seinfeld, originally filed in January. The suit charged that the Seinfelds were guilty of copyright infringement and defamation. (It was Mr. Seinfeld who, during an appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman,” before calling Ms. Lapine a “wacko,” mockingly suggested that his wife was accused of “vegetable plagiarism.”)

Armed with a new set of lawyers, Ms. Lapine recently extended her lawsuit against the Seinfelds to include HarperCollins, the publisher of Ms. Seinfeld’s cookbook. Ms. Lapine’s original lawyers left the case because they also represent News Corporation, which owns HarperCollins, Ms. Lapine said.

Wait. Lapine’s original lawyers also represent News Corp, which published Jessica Seinfeld’s book. Shouldn’t they have sensed this might be a conflict of interest earlier?

The Seinfelds called Ms. Lapine’s charges “trumped up,” pointing out that sneaking vegetables into children’s foods has been done in cookbooks since the early 1970s. (A lawyer for the Seinfelds did not return calls for comment on Friday.)

In a telephone interview from her literary agent’s office on Friday, Ms. Lapine said she would continue her lawsuit as long as necessary. “I have no expectations or requirements on time,” she said. “I’d love to see truth and justice and fairness prevail.”

And sell more books.

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