HOUSE OF THE DAY: This Spanish Estate Comes With 60 Pounds of 24-Carat Gold


Photo: Courtesy of Kensington Properties/Christie’s

If 10,700 square feet of property with incredible views is not enough for you, you’re in luck. This gorgeous estate in Majorca, Spain comes with 60 pounds of 24-carat gold.Currently, the home, known as the Villa Colani is listed as “price upon request,” but just last year, it was listed on eBay for $28 million.

As for the gold, there’s 1,230 square feet of it throughout the house, some in the swimming pool, and the rest inside and around the house. The gold alone cost $1 million when the house was built in 2009.

Everything in the design of the home has circular shape; the home itself is circular, as is the shower, the kitchen, and there are solid golden sculptures throughout the home’s decor.

A view of the house at night

The gold is everywhere

From above, you can see the round shape of the home

The decor is quite regal

Beautiful artwork lining the hallways

The appliances were designed by Sheer and shipped from Italy

The Mediterranean sun reflecting in the large windows

The view from the infinity pool

More gold and more artwork

There are several pools throughout the grounds

Great spot to watch a sunrise

Even the shower is lined with gold

The gold theme continues throughout the bathroom

Lion statues guard the home as well

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