Meet Gojee, A Yummy Pandora For Recipes

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Finding a recipe on the web is easy when you know the dish you’re looking for. But it can be hard to find great recipes for those times when you’re not sure what you want.Young startup Gojee wants to solve this problem. It curates recipes from food bloggers it likes and presents them in an inviting way with huge, yummy pictures. And as you tell Gojee what you like and what you don’t, it suggests recipes you’ll like. 

We spoke with Gojee co-founder/CEO Mike Lavallee and marketing director Brian Borger, who told us that right now they’re hand-inputting recipes from 80 food bloggers they have relationships with. 

The startup, which has 7 people including interns and is in the process of raising money, hopes to scale things up by making bloggers upload their recipes themselves, because they bring them traffic. You can link up your groceries card with the site, which is how they’ll make money eventually–if you need certain ingredients to do a recipe, you might buy through them. 

The site started out as a “ for food” but the founders realised people didn’t want to look at charts telling them how unhealthy their food is. They want to look at big, mouth-watering pictures. So that’s what they did.

And the results are mouth-watering indeed.

Here's what it looks like

Let's sign up

That's what it's like inside. As you can see, huge, mouth-watering photos.

It's pretty intuitive

There we go. That looks good. Let's click the arrow to look at something else.

Bacon chocolate chips! Oh, YUMMY.

Let's look at the details. There's not everything because Gojee is an aggregator.

Here's where that recipe's from

Let's go back and tell it some stuff we DON'T like

So, what do we think?

We browsed around and were pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of recipes. We tried to search for obscure stuff but always found recipes that looked good, and conformed to our tastes.

Right now, however, the algorithm isn't much: it just throws up recipes that have the ingredients you like and don't have the ones you don't like. But CEO Mike Lavallee tells us they're working on something more elaborate, and honestly it works pretty well as it is.

The site is also very beautiful which, for a food site, is almost cruel. We're hungry now.

Overall, Gojee looks like a winner.

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