Going Public? Playdom Hires A Wall Street Analyst To Be CFO

christa quarles

Playdom, the number three player in the social gaming space, has hired Thomas Weisel Internet analyst Christa Quarles to be its CFO.

The obvious implication is that Playdom could be gearing up to go public.

Playdom, which closed a $43 million round earlier this fall, is reportedly set to reach $60 million revenues in 2009.

Its closest rivals are industry leader Zynga and Playfish, which EA acquired for $400 million in October.

Like those companies, Playdom makes its money selling virtual goods to addicted gamers.

The best way to understand how the business works is to see it in action, so don’t miss: How A Stupid Facebook Game Makes (Playfish Rival) Zynga Millions

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