GOING, GOING... Silicon Alley 100 Voting Ends Today

In addition to all the positive feedback we’ve gotten about our open submission/voting process for the Silicon Alley 100 list, we’ve also heard some griping. Mainly from readers who are concerned that the process is being gamed. Here’s a representative message:

Big fan of this site and always enjoy reading over the Silicon Alley 100!

I must say though when I saw an acquaintance of mine in the top 50 who nominated himself and then emailed every single person he knows (including me) to vote him up because he was ‘nominated’ makes me laugh.

I hope this list doesn’t become a popularity contest because this is a pretty special list to be on and I also hope you guys do your due diligence.

This is a list a lot of people aspire to make and if people realise all you need to do is email and message your 1000 facebook friends it’s going to become a joke.

Thanks for your concern, anonymous reader. Good news! While our submission tool/voting booth is indeed a popularity contest, the actual Silicon Alley 100 list is not. That is, while our panel will certainly be considering reader votes and submissions while assembling the list, they won’t be bound to it. Or to put it another way, there are very good odds that Minyanville Media CEO Todd Harrison will not occupy the top spot on our list when we unveil it next month, even though he’s currently #1 in our voting booth.

In any event, if you don’t like the way our tally looks right now, there’s still time to weigh in. Our voting booth will close at end of business today. Vote early and often, if you’re so inclined.

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