GoGet Founders Are Working On New Businesses After Hiring Their Own Replacements

GoGet founders Nic Lowe and Bruce Jeffreys / Supplied

GoGet founders Nic Lowe and Bruce Jeffreys are looking to launch two new ventures after hiring executives to take over the car sharing service they started almost 11 years ago.

Lowe said he and Jeffreys were evaluating about eight projects, which would likely be whittled down to two in the coming months: a business; and a “fun community project like GoGet was early on”.

The founders have been phasing themselves out of GoGet since recruiting CEO Tristan Sender in January 2010. The appointment of CTO Pip Jones in April 2013 allowed Lowe to take a back seat.

“We were gradually employing people to do our jobs for the past three years,” Lowe said. “We found people better at it than we are.

“I wasn’t always [planning to leave GoGet’s day-to-day operations] but I personally go through 10-year career cycles, and I’ve been doing this for 10 years.”

Lowe declined to disclose any plans for the ownership and financials of GoGet.

He is currently employed in a temporary position at not-for-profit newspaper The Big Issue, where he has been volunteering for two years and building a mobile website that is due to be launched to vendors by May.

The site uses gamification techniques to encourage certain behaviours among the paper’s homeless, long-term unemployed and disabled vendors, of whom an estimated 80 per cent own smartphones.

“It’s a myth that homeless people don’t have phones,” Lowe explained. “A phone is not a luxury item these days; it’s how they connect to services and access government benefits.”

Lowe previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Schroders and Goldman Sachs but told Business Insider Australia that he would not be returning to the finance sector.

“I couldn’t do it,” he said. “I’m unemployable now – I work for myself.

“But I could join an organisation if it was doing something meaningful with a good bunch of people.”

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