GoDaddy Is Calling Up Customers Threatening To Leave After It Supported A Bill The Internet Hates


GoDaddy is calling its customers and trying to convince them to stay after pulling support for the Stop Online Privacy Act, a bill that could encourage censorship on the Internet, The Next Web reports.

GoDaddy yanked its support for SOPA yesterday after a portion of its customers threatened to leave or already left the service. 

SOPA, along with the PROTECT IP act in the Senate, give content-producing companies the right to order a take down for a website that they believe is infringing on a copyright. If you even host links to content that infringes on a copyright, you have to take it down.

If not, the copyright owner can request that the infringing site has its advertising and transaction revenue cut off. Or it can request that a domain name — like — be blacklisted and rendered inaccessible.