The founder of GoCardless has spoken about his life after being paralysed in a serious bike crash

Hiroki chief executive of GoCardlessGoCardlessGoCardless founder Hiroki Takeuchi.

Hiroki Takeuchi, the founder and CEO of London fintech startup GoCardless, has spoken in a new interview about his life after a serious bike accident in September 2016 caused him to lose the use of his legs.

Takeuchi and his wife Rachel Swidenbank spoke to the WNYC podcast “Death, Sex & Money” about the September 22, 2016 bike accident and the effect it has had on their lives.

Takeuchi said in the podcast that he remembered the bike crash, but not what happened before it:

“I just remember this sort of moment where I kind of like lost concentration, looked up, and there was this car right in front of me. And I was – you know, I don’t actually remember the impact itself. I think I sort of passed out but I remember sort of waking up and looking up and there’s these sort of police officers out over the top of me sort of me checking if I was ok. And clearly I wasn’t ok because I have got this huge gash on my neck. And I’m apparently bleeding quite a lot out of it. And my brother was sort of over the top of me as well, sort of telling me that it was going to be ok.”

Swidenbank said the first thing that her husband said to her after his accident was “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve ruined everything.”

The pair went on to speak openly about the changes they have had to make following the accident. “The roles that we played previously have changed,” Swidenbank said.

Takeuchi said in the podcast that he has returned to working at GoCardless for two days a week. “I’m lucky enough that my job doesn’t involve any kind of physical exertion really,” he said. “And so I’m able to go back and when I’m in there and in that moment there’s no real difference between me now and me before.”

You can listen to the full podcast episode here.

The couple have been documenting Takeuchi’s recovery on a dedicated Instagram account: hiro_myhero_.

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