Social Travel And Event Startups Are All The Rage Right Now

David Tisch

David Tisch, Managing Director of TechStars NYC has companies pitching him all the time.  Nearly 600 companies applied to the winter NYC program for 12 spots, and the summer program, he expects, will have 800 applicants.

So Tisch knows a thing or two about technology trends. 

What’s hot this summer? Social travel, he says. 

“We’ve seen a ton of social travel and event applications.  Anything having to do with people and travel and matching them together, whether it’s telling people who to meet while they’re travelling or at conferences, or recommendations for places to go with friends.”

Tisch, though, isn’t a fan of the idea.  “When a startup like that recommends you go meet Fred Wilson at an event you think, ‘Obviously I’d like to, but it’s not that easy.'”

Another problem is that internet service is still spotty when travelling, so Tisch isn’t sure that the two ideas naturally go together.

That’s not to say that none of those applicants will get into the next round of TechStars programs, or that there won’t be any breakout companies in that sector. 

But, “I think it’s really hard to assume that the breakout company in that category will be in our stack of applications, or to assume that we’ll pick accurately which one that will be,” he says.