AI startup Gobbill has just done a deal with myprosperity to automate household bills

Gobbill founders Shendon Ewans (l) and Quentin Marsh. Image: Supplied

Australian fintech Gobbill, a digital finance assistant using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate bill payments, has just signed a partnership with cloud financial adviser platform myprosperity.

myprosperity, headed by Chris Ridd, the former Australian CEO of accounting software firm Xero, will use Gobbill to offer automated bill payment services to households.

Gobbill, self-backed by founders Shendon Ewans and Quentin Marsh, launched just 12 months ago to automatically pays bills issued from any Australian provider, including utilities, telecoms, council rates and insurance.

The product protects users from online scams and late fees, helps maximise discounts, and secures credit rating scores.

Chris Ridd at myprosperity says the deal will create value for customers, saving time and money on bill payments, as well as providing protection against an increasing number of bill scams.

“With myprosperity we are creating an integrated platform where advisers and their clients can come together to manage and collaborate on their entire financial world,” he says.

“We do this by creating an open and diverse ecosystem of partners whose products and services enhance the financial lives of our customers. As a leading innovator in automated bill payments, we’re excited to be working with Gobbill to streamline another critical element of a client’s financial world, their bills.”

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