Goat Attack will prank your friends by sending them a bunch of photos of goats

If you’re looking for a new way to prank your friends, why not send them a bunch of goat photos out of nowhere?

That’s the stupidly simple idea behind Goat Attack, a new website created in a single night that exists for the sole purpose of messaging your friends a barrage of goat photos one after another.

While Goat Attack is similar to other SMS pranking services like Pug A Day, which sends your friends a photo of a pug 100 days in a row, it’s also far more foul-mouthed. Goat Attack also requires you to include your name to give people a chance to reciprocate a Goat Attack once the dust has settled.

Setting up a Goat Attack is fairly simple.

It costs $US0.79 for the basic package, which guarantees six goat messages and puns. Upgrading to the “Back Hand Barrage” will cost you $US1.19, but it’s the better value with 14 messages. Goat Attack is HTTPS secure and payments are handled through PayPal and credit card payments through BraintreePayments.

Once you’ve chosen your Goat Attack package, you just add the number or numbers of the friends you want to prank and place your order. When we tried it in the office, it took less than a minute before the goat photos started coming.

You can place your own Goat Attack by clicking here.

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