Go See “Atlas Shrugged” Today

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 hits select theatres in the United States today. And yes, I spell theatre “theatre.” Probably the result of watching too many Inside The Actors Studio interviews when I was unemployed.

Anyway, it’s a real shame that this movie has not been made until now — I mean, the book came out in 1957, and there is really no excuse for not converting something with such a loyal following into a movie franchise.

Also, shame on Hollywood for being too afraid to take on a film that promotes the “radical” viewpoints that making money is more or less good, and over-reaching government control of industry is bad. 

One could argue that Hollywood execs passed simply because Ayn Rand’s writing is not compelling enough — and yes, at times she writes a bit like the in-flight safety insert on an aeroplane — but this argument is still deeply flawed… I mean, Twilight made it to the silver screen. As did The Notebook and countless other works with far, far less merit than Rand’s overall pretty important contribution to society.

The film is apparently the first in a three-part series (the book was super long, so it’s hard to condense all that into one film). In other words, this will be the Star Wars prequel trilogy for the Wall Street banker and right-wing part-time Fox News anchor set.

And it was funded by a rich dude who likes the message behind Atlas Shrugged. Budget estimated at $15,000,000 or so, according to IMDB.

Regardless of your political beliefs, go see the film this week. No huge stars are attached, but the trailer looks pretty good. I’m sure if this one makes monster cash at the box office, the next instalment will enjoy a much larger production budget.